Celebrating Legendary Art

Maybach : History

Whillem Maybach worked for Daimler as an apprentice and made the first engine and modern motorcycle, including the first Mercedes. In 1909, Maybach started making his own engines which were used in ships and tanks during the First W War. After the war it was decided that Germany will not be allowed to make big vessel ships.

In 1921, Whillem Maybach’s son, Karl Maybach decides to make his own car, and declares that he will, “build the most expensive car.” With their superior engines and advanced design, Maybach cars, became a symbol of status with a waiting period. Many of the buyers were royalty, nobility, statesmen and rich business persons. The cars were coveted all over the world; Emperor of Ethiopia and Maharajas in India were among the international clientele.

During the Second World War, Maybach started making engines for German tanks, as a duty to his nation. After the war, the factories suffered heavy damages and there was really no demand for luxury cars. Karl Maybach refused to make economy cars. Over two decades (1921-1941) Maybach built a total of 1800 cars, out of which only 140 are known to survive.

In 1997, Mercedes-Benz presented an ultra-luxury concept car under the name Mercedes-Benz Maybach.The concept was quite successful and Mercedes decided to develop it further, but decided to market the car under the sole brand: Maybach. Today, Daimler Chrysler is manufacturing Maybach cars, starting in 2002, in homage to Whillem Maybach and these cars are priced at app. 2.5 crore rupees.

Ramchander Nath Foundation (RNF)
RNF is a non-profit organization in homage to Ramchander Nath, a true collector, preserver and restorer of the arts. His collections are housed at his family’s estate located opposite the Qutab Minar. Among his covetted collectibles is a 1936 Maybach SW38 previosuly owned by Maharaja Dheeraj of Patiala. This car was acquired by him in the 1960’s and then lovingly restored over a period of three years. There are only 140 known historical Maybach, registered with the Maybach Club in Germany. This happens to be amongst them.

In November Karl Maybach’s grandson, Ulrich Schmid-Maybach is visiting Delhi. To make his visit to India memorable and to draw attention to the Maybach, RIF plans to host an art workshop with the theme Maybach: Celebrating a Legend

Event Outline
The event would celebrate Mr. Schmid- Maybach’s visit to India and showcase the 1936 Maybach SW38. The event would include a four-day art workshop, with established contemporary artists in attendance. The aim is to have 36 contemporary artists to mark the year of the Maybach in question, the 1936 Maybach SW38. At the workshop the Maybach, a legendary piece of art, would be the subject of the Artists’ works.

The Maybach, the artists and most of all Mr. Schmid- Maybach are together sure to draw a lot of media attention. The art workshop would be held at the Nath family’s estate, opposite the Qutab Minar, which houses the collections of Mr. Ramchander Nath.


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