Ramchander Nath Foundation



Ramchander Nath Foundation (RNF) strives to be a think-tank on development and restoration of the arts – paintings, motor cars, antiquities, visual arts, architecture, writing, music and theatre; and to capitalize on the arts as a source of rehabilitation and fundraising for the under priveleged.
Aims & Objectives

• To sponsor and facilitate talks, lectures, symposia and workshops in the arts.
• To collect funds for and to provide financial and other assistance to underprivileged children.
• To facilitate organizations working for the under privelleged in fundraising; particularly utilizing the arts.
• To initiate and assist in mentoring underprivileged children, for their holistic development.
• To give or corporate in giving and organizing awards, grants, fellowships and scholarships in the arts.
• To felicitate and commemorate notable contributions in the field of arts.
• To advise, assist and contribute in any manner to the promotion, restoration and development of the arts.
• To disseminate information, knowledge and awareness on arts and their restoration.
• To provide a forum for free and frank exchange of views on all matters related to the interest of the
    embers, particularly related to the arts -- their development and restoration.