Friends of RNF


Delhi Prisons
Delhi Prisons comprises of Nine Central Prisons at Tihar Jail Complex and one District Prison at Rohini Complex. One of the largest prison complexes in Asia, Delhi Prisons adopts a humane approach to reforming inmates via conventional and unconventional methods. This approach has been greatly appreciated and won them several honours and accolades.

Maybach Foundation
The Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation draws on a legacy of excellence and innovation to give exceptionally talented young individuals the chance to change the world. For a select few protégés from across the globe who face adversity in realizing their true potential, they provide mentorships with leaders in their respective fields in art, science and sports.

Nadchakra's mission is to promote rare and deep Indian classical music. Nadchakra envisions a collective of artists who come together to promote their art. Today the best musicians in India are relatively unknown. In a world where brand name musicians usually don't translate into the best music, a series of baithaks, recordings and CD releases, featuring deep caliber artists is envisioned, in an where like-minded people can enjoy the very best Indian classical music in an ambient setting.

Par Dada Par Dadi Educational Society
Based in Uttar Pradesh.Its mission is to uplift and empower girls from the poorest section of society by providing free education and vocational training to make them self-reliant and educated individuals. Pardada Pardadi translates directly into English as "great grand parents". We are using the phrase Pardada Pardadi as an analogy for the ancient Indian wisdom of knowledge and education which helps in the full blossoming of an individual. The school has almost a thousand students on its rolls.

Partners in Progress
Is involved in connecting NGOs with like-minded NGOs in order to be able to do make more of an impact by bringing together resources for a common goal. They also advice on resource management and have helped numerous NGOs in better managing their limited resources. They mainly work in the education and rehabilitation sectors.

Pran Sabharwal Foundation
Established in memory of Sh. Pran Sabharwal, a veteran journalist and revlutionary thinker. The foundation strongly advocates the right to freedom of expression. They have been researching on security concerns, acts of terror, sociology and related fields in humanities. They are now developing programs in sustainable rehabilitation of the disadvantaged.

Udayan Care
Udayan is a Sanskrit word signifying 'Eternal Sunrise'.Udayan Care is an NGO working for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women, expanding its horizons to reach out to underserved sections of society that need intervention. Through their programes they reach out to about 200 children in full time care and more than 1500 disadvantaged girls.